A few important notes:

  1. If the game doesn't load properly on the first try, please reload the page and it should work.
  2. You might have to actually click into the game area before it allows you to calibrate properly. I think this is just due to the nature of embedded HTML5 games.
  3. I need to fix the game so it re-calibrates after Game Over. Right now if you hit play again, the Leap Motion compatibility gets all out-of-whack for the second playthrough. To play again, please reload the page for the time being.

Thank you for trying out Dodger Clone (Working Title) Path of the Asteroid: Death's Journey! It's a simple Dodge the Asteroids game.

First calibrate your hand with the Leap Motion. Once you hit the 'C' key and hit enter, the game throws you into the action! Slightly move your hand left and right to move the ship and dodge the asteroids!

I will continue working on this game after the jam. I have a list of feature creep to take care of, but due to having a life and this jam having a deadline, it's pretty basic. There will also be a version of this game available for android; probably on Google Play.

Most assets are from opengameart.org.


Producer: Dana Alcala (doobiedoctor.com)

Game Designer: Dana Alcala (doobiedoctor.com)

Programmer: Dana Alcala (doobiedoctor.com)

Leap Motion Plugin for Construct 2: Henry Hoffman (http://www.henryhoffman.com/)

Musician: Alexandr Zhelanov (https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov)

Artist: Tiny Speck (glitchthegame.com)

Artist: n4pgamer (http://opengameart.org/users/n4pgamer)

Artist: cyberjobe (http://opengameart.org/users/cyberjobe)

Sound Effects: Jason Dagenet (http://opengameart.org/users/jdagenet)

Sound Effects: messersm (http://opengameart.org/users/messersm)

UI: mikhog (http://opengameart.org/users/mikhog)

Features needed in Dodger Clone Path of the Asteroid: Death's Journey:

* Invincibility - Temporary after being hit. - DONE

* Invincibility - Temporary power up.

* Invincibility - Temporary after grabbing power up.

* Invincibility - Permanent Cheat - invalidates score.

* Increase movement speed - Temporary power up.

* Pulse guns - Temporary power up.

* Extra life - Power up

* Extra life - Score Milestone

* Pulse bomb - Power up that clears the screen

* Point reservoir - Power up

* Multiplier increase - Power up

* Alert when multiplier resets - "SCORE MULTIPLIER LOST!" - DONE

* Decrease movement speed - temporary after being hit.

* Decrease movement speed - Temporary de-power

* Increase travel speed - Only with invincibility power-up

* Decrease travel speed - Temporary power-Up.

* Show transparent left/right controls when active. - DONE (Mobile Only)